We represent commercial real estate buyers and sellers, individual home buyers and sellers, condominium associations, landlords, tenants, and banks. Lipman & Linden can prepare or assist in the negotiation and preparation of contracts, loan applications, financing or refinancing documents, leases, mortgages, modification agreements, zoning applications, Section 1031 exchanges, and other related matters.

For commercial and residential real estate sales and purchases, we assist our clients from the contract negotiation phase to due diligence through closing and also helps resolve any post-closing issues. We can also assist in resolving problems or questions concerning title, liens or other encumbrances, financing, and warranty or inspection problems prior to closing.

The attorneys at Lipman & Lipman work closely with title companies in the area and provide title-related services.

Real Estate Transactions

& Litigation

Lipman & Linden have been involved in a substantial number of real estate transactions.

We handle commercial transactions and residential home and condominium purchases and sales.


Lipman & Linden is a Chicago law firm that has a well-established track record of achieving superior results in a cost-effective, efficient manner for their clients.